Sustaining defenders of human rights through community and self care.


If you’re aching to be more involved, but anxious about how to begin, where to focus your energy, or when to fit this into your busy life, you’re not alone. We’re here to support you.

No Space for Hate does the work of scouting worthy causes for you. We select local organizations that serve marginalized communities and host community events to empower their efforts, and yours. We bring you local thought-leaders to help us all learn, grow, and continue the conversation of creating equity. 


Forming coalitions between engaged individuals and those on the front lines of the fight against hate will ensure we have a lasting impact. Together, we can cultivate an intentional and inclusive practice of awareness and action. Holding space for these values, we will improve our shared humanity through social and political action.


We are activists, parents, and humans who have no space—in our lives, in our parenthood, in our world—for hate. We started as a group of friends putting on yoga fundraisers in Ferndale for local nonprofits that fought discrimination, and organically grew into a new community. When we came together with a common goal of doing some good for ourselves—but more importantly—our community, we generated new energy and new ideas for further action. We were eager to help more organizations in the Metro Detroit area, with policy, and with our children.